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Promotion: Guide Quebecers to Puerto Vallarta ($ 50 CAD - 500 Pesos) / day
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Chappy Chapter Resto-bar

The perfect place to see the Canadian hockey for Quebecers and other hockey fans and other sports in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, during your stay or vacation in sunny Mexico. 

Canadian hockey fans, this is the place where you have to go to see all Canadian hockey games and also to see other sports. It serves you great beers and wine and other drinks and chicken wings and pizza or burgers and chips even made Mexican and many other choices, the food is simply delicious!

Take the opportunity to watch all the beautiful boats, yachts and fishing boats.

It's also a great place to buy fresh fish caught the same day, fishing boats dock around 16:00 and you can get fish from the Pacific Ocean and freshly caught seafood high that day.

This little sports bar-restaurant welcomes you with warmth, while enjoying the beautiful warmth of Mexico on the day or evening. Open throughout the day to refresh and dig in their delicious meals or snacks, all with a little fresh air as it is located on a small street corner not far from the ocean. Go try it is to want to go back to see your favorite sport and eat a meal made just for you during your stay in Puerto Vallarta.