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Miguel Angel Sports bar 

Owner: Miguel Angel 

The cable resto-bar with TV and internet, Miguel Angel Bucerias Nayariit Mexico, offers you 10% discount on alcoholic drinks, beers, Margarita, etc ... if you pay cash. there is a fair exchange booth in the restaurant, follow the directions of the parrot amigo, it will tell you the way into his Mexican language of its own.

Its owner Mr. Miguel Angel and his amigo, the parrot who sings and speaks in Mexico, as well as its servers and staff welcome you in a lively atmosphere and super tropical Mexico.

They will serve you as if you were sitting in a restaurant in the heart of a Mexican island so everything around you is like you were there. Very tropical bird songs of all kinds are at the rendezvous.

Next door, there is the tv sports bar, a quiet place where you can watch Canadian hockey and other sports, with very modern TV screens, with all the sports networks that you desire.

This is also the place to go when you arrive in Bucerias, to taste delicious food and tropical Mexican meal or just for a drink. In a few moments, you'll be in the mood for your Mexican vacation with this super tropically Mexican energy that stays with you throughout your stay, so it's beautiful to see and experience.

Savour typical Mexican alcoholic beverages, such a delicious margarita, made with pure Mexican tequila or just take a good beer, purely Mexican, which will give you energy for your Mexican vacation.

At Miguel Angel your menu can be accompanied by delicious Californian white wine, red wine of Mexico (Condy Toro), a French wine (Merlot or Chardonnay), an Italian red wine or a white wine German, etc ... 

At 9:00 in the morning, you can enjoy delicious breakfasts. 

For dinner (lunch in Mexico) you can fill in the pit of your stomach with various dishes such as a cheeseburger, as you like and makes Mexican, salad, Mexican fries, various choices of sandwiches prepared by your tastes, various inputs or solid meal with meat, fish or seafood such as fresh shrimp, makes Mexican way, etc ... You can also enjoy the special grand "rellen-O" which is a cheeseburger with cheese bacon, onion, served with laughs and vegetables and more. 

The meal supper (dinner in Mexico) starts at 5.00 pm and is served until 10.00 pm. and evening closes around midnight, with music played by Mexican musicians, throughout your meal, Monday to Sunday. The musicians are there to put you in a very relaxing and lively atmosphere to the sound of Mexican music during your dinner in the evening. Even the morning at breakfast musicians play you a little Mexican song, which will wake you up slowly in this Mexican atmosphere, there or on the lunch and all day. Miguel Angel at the restaurant, Mexican musicians play tunes for you to experience this and more tropical atmosphere of Mexico.

Here are a few delicious meals that are served here: 

The tables are decorated with colorful tablecloths and Mexico with lighted candles in mid-dark, to give you even more flavor to the warm evenings of Mexico, during eating your evening meal with your favorite wine. All this in the heart of Bucerias downtown, with evenings of warmth and animation, right there, next to the restaurant Miguel Angel, for you to stay in this wonderful Mexican atmosphere as long as possible, taking your walk the evening after your meal and your wine. 

Start your holiday or end them or throughout your vacation and during your stay, go to Miguel Angel, this restaurant-bar tropically done just to whet your mouth, real Mexican meal and drinks in a typically tropical atmosphere, just around the corner from the main street of Centro Vallarta, you just have to cross the street and you are at the beach in Vallarta or you can continue to bask in the beautiful ambience of warmth and Mexican sun.

The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Vallarta just 2 minutes from Bucerias beach. You will be welcomed not only by a cheerful staff to serve you and the owner Miguel, but also by a very special friend of this typically tropical restaurant of Mexican culture and will remember you as all other customers who are past, the amigo is called, the parrot, c is the hostess of the place, resto-bar Miguel Angel Bucerias. This is a super intelligent parrot who says "hola bienvenutos" which means "be welcome" in Mexico and all that, to get you every sequence in the wonderful Mexican atmosphere of this restaurant.