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Tomasa mexican restaurant

Family restaurant serving Spanish and Mexican cuisine. 

Owners: Sr. Juan Antonio Jr. and Sr. Antonio. Villalvazo and their families.

This restaurant offers wi-fi internet service and mobile infinitum Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
This is the place to enjoy some of their delicious food and their typical Mexican menu.
You can work on your laptop at the same time as you enjoy your meal, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.
Open Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, closed on Sundays.

The kitchen is made with a Spanish touch and recipes originally made with fresh food from the Mexican market. From father to son, in this restaurant, Mexican recipes are made with pride and carefully prepare your plate for you to know the originality, typical Mexican meal during your stay in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The restaurant is located just across the port of Puerto Vallarta, where all the cruise ships stop there. To get there, cross the street and follow the signs "Plaza El Toros", to the shopping center Liverpool and presto there you are. You can then enjoy their delicious meals made just for you Mexican.

From 7:00 am the small Mexican breakfast with eggs, bread, croissants or muffins and Mexican omelets, Mexican coffee or ordinary, juice, etc. you are served.

At noon they are original and traditional Mexican dishes that people like to eat Mexican, you can enjoy: 

For dinner from 5:00 pm. it is the same choice of menu is served at lunch but there meats of all kinds and more, such as: steaks, rib steaks, t-bone, red-eye, New York sirloin, served etc ... with potatoes made with Mexican recipes of chef, vegetables and Mexican rice and your choice of salads. The all primed Mexican way. 

For inputs you have a choice of baked potatoes with melted cheese and butter is typically Mexican. You can also have all this mix with ToCos fajitas and as the noon hour with the steaks and accompanying potatoes, vegetables, salads, etc ... which can also be served with lunch.

Home delivery service available for customers who want to taste their delicious Mexican meal without moving. Just a phone call and the restaurant staff Tomasa, located right next to Plaza El Toros in Puerto Vallarta, will be happy to cook you your menu choices and deliver the food to their fair than your kitchen table Cooking at home in Puerto Vallarta.

Restaurant staff speaks a little English and Mexican, to give you better service and may include some French too.

Be assured, dear customers, the restaurant Tomasa Plaza El Toros, will be happy to welcome you and serve you with the warm Mexican ambience.

Their reputation precedes them everywhere they serve with their heart, and it's guaranteed you will return with friends, for sure.

Good Mexican meal!