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Traviata restaurant

This restaurant is located right next to Mexico City and Hunduras street in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It is close to the Malecon of the new downtown Puerto Vallarta

The menu includes Mediterranean dishes, Italian, and Mexican and a wide variety of alcoholic drinks available at the bar. 

Beautiful ocean views in the afternoon and evening for a drink before your meal, a beautiful place for a single person who wants to meet someone, also ideal for a meal a couple or in a group of several people speak French Quebec go there regularly!

You will be warmly welcomed by an enthusiastic team who speaks several languages including French Quebec!

The Traviata Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a great place to spend time with Mexican and relax watching a beautiful sunset while eating and drinking a cocktail in a cozy atmosphere with servers (keynote speakers) that will make you spend imoubliable a moment with their Mexican, call for the music of musicians (alive).

Lunch with music every Sunday and Saturday and other days depending on time of tourisms.

Learn, they will be happy to give you accurate information.

Very nice place to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate a birthday group or couples or just for a meeting a group of friends (es) or couple.

You can take great photos and videos is an excellent restaurant that has a beautiful view of the pacific ocean, this will make you want to go spend a wonderful time with your partner, alone or in groups.

Also enjoy a menu written in French, ask the waiter or waitress on arrival.

Contacted Ms. Paulina Fortin on his mobile phone from Puerto Vallarta to 322 137 1595, by Magic Jack at 514-418-3164 or send email to,

please book several days in advance to make a reservation, I speak French, English and Spanish well I master! 

We look forward to receiving your comments and photos that you can send me email with your permission, I will insert on my website