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Painter Workshop 

Lluis Borsan was born in Mexico and now lives in Bucerias, Nayaritt, Mexico. 

Lluis Borsan has an art gallery where he sells paintings painted by himself. Proud of its 22 years of pure and natural artist experience, it puts her heart and soul in the paintings he painted. He is an artist who works with his inspiration of the moment and each painting has a soul.

He became a painter from an early age, and never take any short painting, he began expressed the beauty of people and animals. Since that day he discovered he had a great artistic talent that allows him to paint beautiful paintings. Being very good with his hands he also mastered other forms of art, he just imagining a picture in a dream and hop it creates another work of art.

Almost all the works that you find on this page are his works, he has almost all painted.

For the past 22 years, he painted from his imagination but it also happens to reproduce photos. He has the talent to reproduce a picture just by looking at it, it can reproduce the picture exactly as you see the family photo.

He was a painter train when I approached to know its history painter and he answered me very well in English even if their native language is Spanish. It is with these two very well-spoken languages and made his paintings with his soul and its purely Mexican painter of talent he was able to realize several exhibitions of his paintings in the United States and in other countries like Spain Argentine etc.

When I saw the pictures of Luis Borsan, I just said "ah It is a painter born in the soul, that's for sure, other artists and people from Quebec and the rest of! world must absolutely know this artist and his works. " That's when I decided to expose its history and its magnificent talent of Mexican art natural painter, which is found in his paintings, on my website frenchesalem. I believe in the talent of this artist and wish to promote his pictures on the internet to publicize the more around the world.

Lluis Borsan is a man born with an artistic soul, he is proud to say that when you believe in his talents, whatever it is, it can happen to fulfill his dream. He was to create tables of all kinds according to his inspiration of the moment and the beauty he imagined. He created several paintings of his own, worthy of his painting art that you find in a few pictures I took during my visit home.

If you decide to buy one of his works, you may send it by delivery to your home or where it suits you. Luis Borsan may also exhibit his paintings at home, in your workshop or even do an art exhibit of Mexican paintings by real artists of Mexico. He is available for interviews in English or Spanish. Note that it is also possible to have an interpreter for the French translations.

In concluding the story of Mr. Luis Borsan, this painter of Bucerias, Nayaritt, Mexico, I want to present his book "Freaky food restaurant." This is a cookbook made quickly, to feed the young and old, when you are traveling or if you are at home and have not had the chance to travel. This book is dedicated especially to young people who do not have the chance to know what we eat in other countries and do not have to travel. The recipes are presented in dishes from different culinary cultures and eating little is traveling around the world. These are ideal for quick meals to feed small or even large, as a pre-meal.

This is a book to teach children cooking from different countries and even make recipes and taste it at home around the table with your children. What a great education for all and for children to know the other country kitchen. Make a family activity with parents, children, friends or even in a culinary arts school with teachers and students.

This is the first book Lluis did and all illustrations of it. The book has two objectives:

You can purchase this book by internet, you only have to write to me and I will tell you the information to give you one or more copies of this book.

Whatever your age, you can learn from this book, it's a great gift for yourself or give to someone to learn to speak Spanish and English while learning to eat well, with recipes from different cultures.

This book has a story and is well illustrated to captivate the attention of young and big and to simultaneously learn Spanish. Learn to eat by making you small pleasantly delicious and quick snacks to feed the children and adults, of course you will want to taste sour kick.

It is a book written and illustrated with Mexican culture and other cultures of other countries. history has been lived and telling stories in small newly created with small animals, who also eat foods of other countries.

Teacher (s), culinary art schools specialize in teaching children, editor (facilitators), parents and others can get this book in English, Spanish or translate it into another language.

Publisher (ess) who would be interested in publishing this kind of children's book and make it a Mexican art gold case, Mr. Lluis Borsan will be a pleasure to work with you with the natural art of pure painter of his culture Mexican.