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Jazz Festival 

The Cuates Cuetes-bar-restaurant located on the beach Olas Altas, in downtown Puerto Vallarta in the area romantica, invites you to its Spring Jazz Festival. This wonderful little restaurant, Esthel property and Martin is Mexican culture and loves to make music jazz with other crops such as Quebec, Canada and others, invites you to their restaurant with their typical Mexican staff (nes ). 

The Cuates Cuetes-bar-restaurant offers an atmosphere with jazz music and a jazz festival that is offered to the Mexican public and tourists from all over the world. The festival is presented every spring in March to celebrate spring of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and around the world.

This jazz festival is presented on the beach Olas Altas, in downtown Puerto Vallarta, and is presented every spring in recent years. You can not miss this wonderful celebration of spring every 21 March each year. The jazz festival is presented to all Mexican citizens (nes) and tourists from all over, including Quebec and Canada or elsewhere.

The festival is presented free of charge, grab a table and order your favorite meal and drink. From 16:00 on the day of the jazz festival celebration on March 21 of each spring. Enjoy the show from your table throughout the evening and even part of the night. The festival is so magical that you never want to leave.

See you in the restaurant during the day and enjoy more fully this wonderful Cuates Cuetes-resto-bar on the edge of the Olas Altas beach-until the festival begins.

You are invited to come to the restaurant every other day also to admire the wonderful waves and sunbathing in the sun of Mexico and in the evening come and enjoy your dinner admiring the stars over the ocean without forgetting the magnificent sunsets all the colors of the rainbow sky. Enjoy the beauty of the true nature of Mexican, sat at Cuates Cuetes-resto-bar on the edge of a single beach, the beach Olas Altas.

The place is very prettily decorated with fresh flowers and colors of Mexico, For you there, take the bus that goes centro Vallarta Basillo Badillo street, the last bus stop and walk down to the ocean on the beach Olas Altas, where the sun and the warm sand of the beach are and what jazz restaurant and very typical Mexican waiters and waitresses will serve you the best drink and meals made to the Mexican way to relax and you wrap the wonderful warm sun of this beautiful Mexican beach.

Meals are served directly on the beach with his Mexican tablecloths tables or on the terrace of the restaurant, you can take your lunch with Mexican coffee and go on all day with the best alcoholic beverages or not this typical Mexican restaurant while admiring the day the waves of the ocean, which will make you forget all the stress of everyday life.

The jazz festival Cuates Cuetes-resto-bar in Puerto Vallarta, present the best musicians, musicians and singers of Mexico, they are happy to let you hear their talents in jazz music, on a course set on the edge of the Olas Altas beach. Their music is heard with the ocean that puts the sound of its waves with grace and respect, to give the public a fantastic jazz festival, while admiring the wonderful stars of this great Mexican sky.

The show is fantastic for an audience that has an extraordinary look, especially if you are present for the first time as me. My first spring on March 21 on the edge of the beach, hear the jazz festival, with the wonderful sound of these talented Mexican musicians (nes) and mixed with the sound of waves and light wind that was the part I tell you, it was absolutely magical, just magical ...

Through this jazz music there was also the ritual of speaking to the ocean with dancing and singing typically done as was done sometime between Mexican Indians, costumes, choreography, music, drums and tam tam. The music is made especially to talk to the ocean and to protect any disaster of nature and the ocean can do. It is a musical ritual not to be missed on 21 March each spring. It is a prayer to ask the ocean to protect Mexican people and their properties and also a prayer for the protection for the Cuates-Cuetes restaurant, Olas Altas on the beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

The musicians of the jazz festival in Puerto Vallarta are willing to travel in your area in order to be heard at home that they produce jazz festival on the beach of Puerto Valarta. These musical talents are the result of many years experience in entertainment and they love to share with all those who give them the chance, you will be delighted to have guests.