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Packages available

Packages are available from November to April, contact Ms. Paulina Fortin to confirm availability.

Enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Ms. Fortin who can arrange your stay, hotel, meals, activities, tours, your relaxation and body care or other selection of holiday. You'll only your airline tickets to obtain. I suggest you do a search on the internet to pay for the cheapest possible tickets with the search term: * cheap air ticket * or * cheap * flight
Ms. Fortin will're looking at the airport of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and install it in your hotel, it will give you coupons for restaurants tickets depending on restaurants, hotels and activities that will be a partner in this package. 

The partners in the hotel, catering and activities are among the best choices of Mexico, these are places very well and clean with Mexican style. With your package you also get coupons you want for your tours and activities in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
Ms. fort may sell different packages dependent on what you wish to do during your stay, see examples of packages that can organize, note that prices will be according to your choice of packages and all packages are fully customizable.
Please note that airline tickets are not included in the packages.
1) Package rest and relaxation in Puerto Vallarta



2) Package tours of cities and various tourist places in Puerto Vallarta


3) Package activities with taxi boats or cruise one day VIP taxi or van with a driver on the roads of Puerto Vallarta


4) Meal plan, beaches and activities


5) Package body care and personal Site Massage FrenchEsalem



Package tailored and customizable options for all packages

Available for men, women and couples