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El Chivero Resto-bar

Located on the beach in Bucerias Nayarit Mexico there Pacifico street No. 9, as 329-29-806-12 for booking Owner: M.Alberto Quintero. 

We will receive you in a very warm Mexican atmosphere, with friendly staff, by saying: "hola" which means good morning.
For lunch and coffee, made with Mexican or just plain as you like, served with your favorite lunches.

Eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, toast (white, brown and others) served with jam or other regular omelets or try their special morning, Mexican omelet or others of your choice, pancakes served with your favorite juice or preferred mixture (eg champagne and orange juice, etc ...) to start your vacation days.

You are also welcome at the restaurant EL Chivero, on the edge of the Bucerias beach, for your midday brunch with "hola amigo" which means "good midi". With such a tempting menu lunch.

By sunbathe on the deck chairs under the palapas that are installed, right there at the foot of tables. After your meals for you to make the most of your sunny days after your meals at the restaurant EL Chivero.

All this on the oceanfront in the beautiful sand and the exotic sound of the ocean in Mexico. All day, every day of the week or weekend. You are welcome to sunbathe on the sun loungers by the beach, making you serve this succulent lunch menu served until 5.00pm. 

Here is the lunch menu: 

Every night of the week and weekends, after 5.00 pm, we expect you for dinner a couple, alone or with friends. Gourmet dishes are on the menu, all served in a wood oven, to your table. For your fish or other meat cooked to your liking before you. 

In the joyous atmosphere of Mexican evenings as you like and you'll be surrounded by lit torches to your tables, just to keep you in this atmosphere, the Mexican holiday, as long as possible, while enjoying your choice evening menu.

Enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink, your beer or your red or white wine, served with quality service.

You will be delighted to regale you all day at beach restaurant-EL Chivero and have to spend all day on the beach to serve you your favorite drink while you sunbathe by one of the most beautiful Bucerias beaches, treating yourself to delicious meals served at EL Chivero, resto-Bucerias beach, in an atmosphere of Mexican holidays as you like.

Here the evening menu: 

Enjoy your favorite beverage while watching Mexican cooking on their wood oven

The specialty of the restaurant EL Chivero is to make you enjoy cooking your meal in front of you before you enjoy in your stomach.