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Ramada Miramar Restaurant

The Ramada Miramar restaurant is really the restaurant to go eat during your stay in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Located just 15 minutes by car or bus from downtown Puerto Vallarta restaurant Ramada Miramar is worth seeing. To get there from the old town center of Puerto Vallarta you have to take the orange bus Mismaloya on the corner Basillo Badillo and Insurente near the convenience store oxox or near the pharmacy on the corner of Constitution and Basillo Badillo the old downtown Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy the short stroll to admire the exceptional mountains and beautiful ocean Puerto Vallarta. 

You can sunbathe all day on the beach where the restaurant is located Ramada Miramar and even go by boat for a ride with the captain and Juan Lluis the owner of the restaurant. It is a well known family in Mismaloya, this small village which is worth visiting during your stay, you will leave with the best memories.

The restaurant is very welcoming and all the village of Mismaloya, you will be greeted with warmth as if you were family or friends a long time and you will be charmed by this beautiful place.

The restaurant can serve you a delicious meal of fresh fish from the ocean or skewers of chicken or shrimp. Do not miss the chance to savor the Tuna and other delicious meal with rice, vegetables, salad or with nachos served with delicious Mexican salsa made from special ingredients.

The Ramada Miramar is a family restaurant that puts all their heart Mexican Family to the best possible quality meals and alcoholic beverages or not Mexican as tequila, magarita or cerveza (beer) and more. They also serve Mexican soup that is an excellent full meal with shrimp, vegetables, noodles, etc ... and freshly made with fruit salads, fruit trees (Mango, Banana, Cherry, etc ...) and their fresh garden vegetables. It's an excellent choice of restaurant in Mismaloya, Ramada Miramar welcomes you as people of the family and you want to return and bring friends and family to know and enjoy their delicious meals made typically Mexican fashion.

This restaurant also offers you the opportunity to fish your own fish that you can eat in, go deep sea fishing page for more information.

You can also enjoy a massage on the beach Frenchesalem before or after your meal and also to sunbathe on the beautiful beach.

All this is possible at the restaurant Miramar Mirada de Mismaloya just 15 minutes from Puerto Valarta downtown, and at really affordable prices and without cutting quality. The Ramada Miaramar restaurant offers excellent quality and people talk to each other is what makes the excellent reputation of this restaurant. Customers like to come back with family and friends. All Mexican corner Ramada Miradar know the restaurant located next to the beach.