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Cuates-Cuetes Resto-bar

The Cuates Cuetes jazz-bar restaurant is located on the edge of the Olas Altas beach in the old town of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. 

The Esthel and Martin owners, who are also artists jazz musicians and music typical of Mexico, will welcome you to their restaurant with attentive and friendly staff to serve their customers Cuates Cuetes jazz-bar restaurant. They make you feel like you're a very important person and give you outstanding service. Every customer is treated like this way with a super friendly and cheerful attention because you are on vacation and they want you to have the best memories of your holiday and this restaurant.

To get to this small restaurant-bar on the beach Olas Altas old centro Puerto Vallarta, go to the bus stop of Basillo-Badillo Street, turn towards the sea and you'll hop are.

At the scene of this little restaurant during the day, you can go there to sunbathe while enjoying your drink and your favorite Mexican food or whatever, you just ask and they will be happy to serve you what you like in the best possible quite sour.

The breakfast in the morning sun are delicious, while savoring the smell of fresh morning beach. There are going to spend there to lie on the beach just in front of this restaurant. For lunch and dinner they will serve you fresh fish dishes, either fish or seafood or enjoy a steak or potatoes or delicious tacos and salads of all kinds along with your favorite wine or beer your drink.

In the evening you will see the most beautiful sunset while enjoying your favorite dinner with a good wine, a drink or a beer.

This is a great place for couples but also for the family or to meet friends, all together you will hear more pieces of jazz music performed by Mexican musicians, Quebecers, Canadians, etc ..

If you are musicians or singers singers and wish to be heard by an audience Quebecers, Canadians and even Mexican, you're welcome. Let the public enjoy your talents and you will enjoy the talents of jazz musicians-Cuetes Cuates restaurant on the beach Olas Altas Puerto Valarta the centro, Mexico.

Come out, there is room in the restaurant with a bar just for a drink watching the ocean and its waves or to eat sat at tables in the shade of the sun, or choose a place in the restaurant , sit at a table specially set with umbrella in the sand to make you enjoy the smell of the warm holiday in Puerto Vallarta.

The musical talent of his jazz artists will help you relax and enjoy a drink with a meal accompanied jazz bar restaurant on the beach Olas Altas.

Esther and Martin, the owners, and their staff, you will receive with their smile and a purely Mexican simplicity in Cuates Cuetes-resto-bar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.